Microsoft Account Blocked = Non existing customer service or support

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    Michael Braam

    Just read your story, and in short summary is this correct?
    I ‘am writing this with all the cases here to see if we can find a read line in all the stories.

    1. Onedrive account stopped syncing;
    2. After a login on the Xbox a message with that there was a problem with the account;
    3. Checking the email, there was a email with a message:
    “violated the service agreement and If I want to unlock it I need to fill a form and wait.”
    4. To walk trough the recover process the SRI code was necessary, but no code came, even after contact by chat/mail and phone;
    5. One week later the form was working, and received the SRI code;
    6. Five days later this message appeared:
    “Our review determined that images or videos of terrorist acts or extreme violence were shared from your personal OneDrive account. Content which contains graphic violence shared through OneDrive is a violation of Microsoft’s Code of Conduct, specifically this provision.”
    7. After contacted several departments of Microsoft no solution;
    8. Now in waiting for a response of European Consumer Protection agency and also Data Protection department from Ireland.

    * Now months later still no acces to this account or all the services (Office etc)

1 reactie aan het bekijken (van in totaal 1)
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